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Handling The Social Media Generation – The New Age HR

The generation of ours have seen a lot of change in this world from Attendance Register to Biometeric. The very language we use has seen a plethora of changes .The words “like”, “check in”, “share”, “follow” , “unfollow”, are part of our day today speech and thanks to social media and the internet. This is […]

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Modern HR Manager – Are you on the Boat

The intrusion of technology in every aspect of life had made it mandatory for all of us in HR Community to go for modernizing our function. Though the human touch and experience is utmost in handling the delicate issue pertaining to our function, yet these modern techniques can certainly increase its effectiveness Streamline Your Recruitment […]

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RPO- The Blame Game

Most RPO relationship failures are directly related to something structural, procedural, or contractual. More specifically, these are six of the main reasons that RPO relationships typically fail: Process Mismatch One of the biggest reasons that RPO relationships fail is that a company has a process for recruiting and hiring that focuses on the process itself […]

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