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Handling The Social Media Generation – The New Age HR

The generation of ours have seen a lot of change in this world from Attendance Register to Biometeric. The very language we use has seen a plethora of changes .The words “like”, “check in”, “share”, “follow” , “unfollow”, are part of our day today speech and thanks to social media and the internet. This is […]

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Should Gratuity be Discontinued?

Gratuity is a social security benefit that is provided by all employers, be it a large company or a small HR agency that has more than 10 employees in an organization to their employees in appreciation of service. It is usually paid after retirement, death or resignation of employees. It is a lump sum payment […]

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Are There Any Patterns Emanating in HR Practices Based on Indian Geographical Spread?

In the last one year, Indian workplaces have dealt with many changes, from automation to replace human resources to an unsteady economy, we have seen it all. The only wise thing left to be done by HR professionals or Individual HR Consultants in such a scenario is to reinvent the fundamentals of HR so that […]

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Benefits of Automating Payroll Management

Three very critical functions performed by the HR operations team are payroll management, attendance monitoring and leave management. Earlier there was no option but to manually integrate these functions since the records were maintained through Manual (paper-based methods) and Excel Sheets. However, the advent of Automated Payroll Management has changed that since all the functions […]

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