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Cross Industry Hiring In Fade or deep routed

In today’s competitive environment, organizations need to innovate to stay ahead, and introducing new leadership can foster exciting growth opportunities.. Many companies have begun recruiting executives from not only outside of their company, but outside of their industry to bring fresh perspectives and encourage creative thinking. Why the need? Limited talent pools are driving the […]

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HR – From Support function to Profit Centre

At a times when HR is started to be considered as a profit center rather than a cost center , interesting trends are emerging. For the first time, HR as a business process is considered for formal benchmarking and goal setting. Normally an HR person will have the following goals. Zero Recruitment gap: Recruitment targets […]

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Is Social Media Effective in Showcasing HR Service Providers to HR Community

“Social Media.” There is hardly any person on planet earth who owns an electronic gadget and doesn’t know of the term. That’s the power of social media. If you want facts, then you should know that more than 500 million tweets, 4.5 billion likes, and about 100 million videos and pics are added per day. […]

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