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How to measure productivity of support functions

Support functions are often considered a waste of money as they don’t bring in as much revenue as core functions, such as Sales do. If you also suspect that your support functions are not utilizing human resources properly, here are a few HR Analytics tools you can use to measure their productivity. Capability Analytics By […]

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Should Gratuity be Discontinued?

Gratuity is a social security benefit that is provided by all employers, be it a large company or a small HR agency that has more than 10 employees in an organization to their employees in appreciation of service. It is usually paid after retirement, death or resignation of employees. It is a lump sum payment […]

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7 Reasons Why Candidates Fail a Background Check

A background check is and has been a vital tool in the arsenal of HR professionals, be it HR heads or freelance recruiters. As the name suggests, a background check will check the entire background of a candidate and highlight inaccuracies. Many times, HR consultants inform a hopeful candidate that he or she has lost […]

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