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The generation of ours have seen a lot of change in this world from Attendance Register to Biometeric. The very language we use has seen a plethora of changes .The words “like”, “check in”, “share”, “follow” , “unfollow”, are part of our day today speech and thanks to social media and the internet. This is an altogether new world and “Adopt or Perish “is the new mantra

Lets see what aspects the HR department of an organization must keep in mind while conducting performance reviews for the technology and social media friendly post millennial

Discard the primitive techniques like Baselining and Bell curve

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Setting and following a baseline or a benchmark are the things of past. Earlier punctuality was associated with a person clocking in physically, but today the work from home culture had changed the definition of punctuality Hence the base line or the yardstick needs to be different or rather redundant Each employee brings a different set of skills to the table and it becomes necessary to evaluate each person differently based on their skill sets. For this there are HR Software which can be customized exactly to appraise the individuals

Replace traditional appraisal forms with more creative accomplishments and goals
Traditional appraisal forms contained a checklist of attributes and skills that a supervisor may need to review for every employee. This included things such as attitude of the employee, basic skills, core competency, comparison with peers and so on. This is held at regular intervals. But today, you can get more creative with your performance reviews and set accomplishments and goals and evaluate an employee as the goals are met. You don’t have to really wait for a review period. You can evaluate performance and suggest improvements as the work is being done, thanks to latest HR software. 

Social is the word… customize your communication around it

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Today the youth is living in the parallel reality of Social media Be it chatting, tweeting, they take an active part in the social media world. Why don’t  as an organization, make use of this change to spread smiles? From a employee’s point of view, if he is elated if he /she receives any social media updates and praise over social media. Social Media can be used as giant motivator with this tech savvy generation

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