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The intrusion of technology in every aspect of life had made it mandatory for all of us in HR Community to go for modernizing our function. Though the human touch and experience is utmost in handling the delicate issue pertaining to our function, yet these modern techniques can certainly increase its effectiveness

Streamline Your Recruitment

Recruiting is a multi-layered function that calls for a variety of Technological Intervention. Here are some new emerging technology to support your recruiting process:

Candidate Screening-

Pre-employment Aptitude : A testing platform should be present  that provides pre-employment aptitude, personality and skills tests. These tests are designed by eminent psychologists and help you assess candidates more objectively with quantifiable data.

There are tools that uses screening surveys and behavioral science to match candidates with hiring teams and roles. it helps you shortlist candidates and interview applicants using structured behavioral questions

Video interviewing :Using a video interviewing platform that supports standardized interviews and uses machine learning to predict future performance. This will also enhances your employer branding efforts with features like branded videos and landing pages. Each video can be recorded so you can review it at a later time with your team. You can also create branded videos and schedule interviews efficiently.

Sourcing and Applicant tracking :There are software for candidate sourcing. It looks through millions of online sources within seconds and builds complete candidate profiles, often including email addresses, resumes and social network profiles. It has applicant tracking and social recruiting functionalities. Workable helps hiring teams collaborate, build talent pipelines and communicate with candidates through email templates and scheduling features. Workable also integrates with dozens of other tools through a Developer Partner Program.

Objective hiring : You can conduct blind interviews with qualified candidates for tech and design roles. Not knowing what candidates’ look like or what their gender is can help your hiring teams focus on job-related criteria.

A technical interviewing platform can be used where candidates can practice interviewing with companies anonymously. Blind interviews help candidates perform better and showcase their skills.

Support performance management

Performance Management system is one of the most sought after where technology can play a major role. It can be a stand-alone solution or part of an integrated HR Information System (HRIS). Stand-alone products can have broader functionality, but make sure they integrate with other HR tools you use. Make sure the applications , cloud based or otherwise have the following features :

  • A platform that fosters communication focusing both on performance and employee engagement. Managers can ask employees questions, run short polls, comment on answers and set objectives. Their “weekly check-in” function helps managers monitor employee morale too.
  • A performance management platform should facilitate continuous feedback and goal-setting on top of a customizable performance review process.
  • It should provide flexibility in setting up your performance evaluation process. You can design custom forms for reviews and different workflows for each team or department. Real-time reporting and feedback features help keep everyone in

Monitor training and learning

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Corporate training involves training employees, customers and partners namely the stakeholders Courses and Modules can be created , monitor progress and organize training activities with a Learning Management System (LMS):

Most of the LMS are cloud based and each having different features . some of them are

  • PowerPoint-integrated tool to help you build e-Learning courses. And should offer a large content library.
  • It should facilitate communication between learners and includes authoring tools for creating courses. It should help you track progress and apply scores.
  • It should help in building trainings reusing old content or finding new content on the Web.

Measure employee engagement

Employee feedback is one of the most important tool that builds trust and can result in many positive changes in your company. Recognizing and rewarding feedback is good for morale. Make sure a good Employee feedback system has the following features

  • A recognition system that come from peers and managers for a job well done.
  • Should provide a library of customizable surveys
  • Survey employees and identify trends through a metrics dashboard. Employees can submit any suggestions they have anonymously, up-vote their colleagues’ suggestions and praise their peers..

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