How to measure productivity of support functions

productivity of support functions

Support functions are often considered a waste of money as they don’t bring in as much revenue as core functions, such as Sales do. If you also suspect that your support functions are not utilizing human resources properly, here are a few HR Analytics tools you can use to measure their productivity.

  • Capability Analytics

By this analysis, you can measure the capabilities of your staff members and compare them with the needed capabilities. Ensure that you not only judge the educational qualifications as capabilities but the ability to maintain relationships as a capability too.

  • Competency Acquisition Analytics

This analysis is used by HR consultants or experts to judge what kind of competencies are needed by a company or even an HR agency which are not there. Then, efforts are made to hire talent that has the required competencies. Keep the focus on a small set of core competencies to gain success.

  • Capacity Analytics

HR Consultants usually use big data and sensor system to judge whether people are spending too much time on non-essential services like general HR services and not focusing on delivering results or are people overworking and exceeding their capacity. It will let you know how much more capacity is needed to achieve business growth.

  • Employee Churn Analytics

Tools like surveys, exit interviews, employee satisfaction index, etc. are used by HR consultants to predict employee churn and ensure it stays at a healthy level.

  • Corporate Culture Analytics

Every company, be it an MNC or an HR agency uses this tool to understand existing culture, prevent toxicity and to ensure that people don’t clash with corporate culture or don’t feel out of place.

  • Recruitment Channel Analytics

Whether you have in-house recruiters or freelance recruiters, you should judge which recruitment methods are luring in the best talent and stick to those. You can use websites like to judge the efficiency of recruitment processes followed by an in-house team or freelance recruiters.

  • Leadership Analytics

Let your employees vent out their feelings towards leadership via autonomous surveys and get a gauge of what people think of the leadership team. This will uncover all, the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • Employee Performance Analytics

Use modern methods like Assessment Centre Method, Human Resource Accounting Method, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale(BARS), Management by Objectives(MBO), Psychological Appraisal Method of Performance Appraisal and 720 Degree Appraisal to judge the performance of every employee every six months!


No matter whether you own an HR agency, a startup or an MNC, these methods are perfect for judging the productivity of support functions. Give them a go and see for yourself.

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