7 Reasons Why Candidates Fail a Background Check

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A background check is and has been a vital tool in the arsenal of HR professionals, be it HR heads or freelance recruiters. As the name suggests, a background check will check the entire background of a candidate and highlight inaccuracies. Many times, HR consultants inform a hopeful candidate that he or she has lost the job opportunity because he or she failed a background check.

If you have also failed a background check and the HR agency or a company hasn’t told you why then these might be the reasons.

  1. Criminal History: You had committed, or you were accused of a crime in the past, and you failed to mention it in the interview process. Companies don’t like to hire people with a shady past, especially those who hide it, or try to.
  2. Credit Problems: It is the perception of many regular and freelance recruiters that if you can’t manage your finances, you might not be a good candidate. So, if you have had many bad loans or you owe a lot of money, you might not get the job.
  3. Lying on Resume: No matter what you do, never lie on your resume. When you lie, the probability is high that the HR consultants would find the truth and simply eliminate your candidature. Even small lies like not mentioning a company where you worked for a few months can make a big difference.
  4. Negative Feedback: If your college, school or previous employer point fingers at your inability to grasp things, learn skills or your unruly behavior, you will not be eligible for a job. Companies want ideal candidates with good behavior for most jobs.
  5. Long Delays: In case there are long delays from your end in doing the basic stuff like submitting paperwork or providing an identity proof, the HR agency might get fed up and find a candidate who avoids long delays.
  6. Incorrect Information: When your resume has incorrect information like a fake address or a designation you never held, HR recruiters will suspect your attitude and might deduce that you have a habit of telling lies or any bad motives.
  7. Too Many Exaggerations: Finally, too many exaggerations can make you a bad candidate. A bit of exaggeration is accepted by every potential employer, but if you exaggerate everything from your high school marks or your salary, you will surely become a bad candidate.

Do you know of any other reasons a candidate was chucked out during the background check by a company or HR agency? Comment below and get a chance to win an attractive prize from buildyourorg.com

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