Are There Any Patterns Emanating in HR Practices Based on Indian Geographical Spread?

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In the last one year, Indian workplaces have dealt with many changes, from automation to replace human resources to an unsteady economy, we have seen it all. The only wise thing left to be done by HR professionals or Individual HR Consultants in such a scenario is to reinvent the fundamentals of HR so that workplace stress can be reduced and employee loyalty can be boosted.

Some of the changes that were seen in 2017 and are expected to gain popularity in 2018 are:

  • Tough Talent Acquisition

Only people with specific skill sets are in demand now. Finding, hiring and retaining these people is a constant challenge.

  • Troublesome Training

The need to re-skill the workforce has increased many times in last few years. Re-skill or lose a job seems to be the new mantra.

  • Automation in HR

Machines are taking over the role played by HR service providers and internal HR departments. Everything from employee record management to employee feedback is automated.

  • Better Diversity

Gender and geographical diversity are increasing at a rapid pace which makes it tough for HR professionals to ensure alignment of every employee to company culture.

  • Higher Expectations

Employees expect more from every employer. From paid leaves to stress relieving classes and even paternity leaves are some of the expectations that are rapidly becoming popular.

  • Continual Evaluation

The focus is shifting from yearly performance appraisal and firms are now moving towards promoting continual dialogues between the employees and the managers. HR Industry News has confirmed that focus is on making an employee lifecycle better.

  • Change in Space

Though employees like open spaces to boost creativity and teamwork, the need for privacy is also rising again.

  • Advanced Tools

Use of the best software and latest technological inventions is common at workplaces. More time-consuming tasks are being outsourced. For instance, online learning and payroll outsourcing companies in Delhi NCR are more popular than ever before.

  • Data Analytics

The worth of every employee is being mapped from the moment he or she joins the company. It helps in defining skill gaps and offering relevant training.

  • Changes in Decision Making

Even minor decisions like which HR Admin Marketplace to use or whether an HR department should hire HR Admin Services are taken with the help of technology and data analysis.

Is Automation Threatening HR?

Renowned physicist, Stephen Hawkins has already warned the world that “Artificial Intelligence Could End Human Race” and his words are becoming more relevant than ever as every function, even human resource management is losing the human touch.

  • Hard Facts Only…

Though technology is undoubtedly making employees more efficient, it is also making them feel directionless at times. For instance, it may highlight a skill gap instantly but may fail to offer a feasible solution to fill that gap while a human can always do some “Jugaad” to make learning easier.

  • Micro Management

Similarly, though tracking employee progress is essential, it is also making employees feel suffocated as everything they do is being recorded. It makes them feel controlled and powerless at the same time.

  • No Motivation

Lack of personal touch can also hamper employee motivation because an employee always feels much better when his or her performance is appreciated by a person and discussed within HR Community Centre of a company rather than getting an email that praises one’s work.

  • Can’t Open Up!

Employees’ physiology is also being affected by automation of HR Service providers or HR Department of a firm because they can tell their grievances with a person but can’t show their emotions to a bot acting as the HR Manager.


On the whole, it can be said that though HR is moving in the right direction, for the most part, too much automation of HR Services can be deadly for employees as they prefer the human touch. It’s time we learn that technology can make humans efficient, but it should not be allowed to take over from humans. Innovation in HR is good if it makes people happier and more connected to a workplace.


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