Is Social Media Effective in Showcasing HR Service Providers to HR Community

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“Social Media.” There is hardly any person on planet earth who owns an electronic gadget and doesn’t know of the term. That’s the power of social media. If you want facts, then you should know that more than 500 million tweets, 4.5 billion likes, and about 100 million videos and pics are added per day. So, when hoping to promote your HR Admin service, social media is the cheapest and handiest tool available to you.

Here’s what social media can do for your HR services’ promotion and brand development.

  • Direct Contact with Customers

When you connect with customers via social media, you get to know their likes, dislikes, their personality and their opinion of your brand. It gives you direct insights on what they want.

  • Improved Loyalty

If a person connects with a brand, the chances are high that he or she is loyal to the brand. So, the more you connect, the more would be your reach of loyal customers.

  • Inexpensive Option

Promoting a brand on social media, even while using paid campaigns is much cheaper and easily manageable as compared to offline ads. Tracking the results of these ads is also simpler.

  • Better Leads

Social media selling is easy and hassle-free for all involved. It means that if a client is looking for talent management services in Delhi NCR, he or she will find your company by direct messaging rather than calling you up. This way a client can contact many companies at once and discuss further with a company that meets his or her budget.

  • Enhanced Support

Let’s assume that you run an HR Outsourcing Company in Delhi NCR. When you get a new client, the client will have zillion questions to ask and might want to stay connected for long. Staying in constant touch via Facebook chat is definitely cheaper than phone calls.

  • Dealing withCompetitors

When you have social media presence, you can know which new HR Admin Services your competitor is offering and you can offer something better than that.

  • Best Rankings

Search engine rankings of your business will improve if everyone is praising your team members like HR Service providers on social media.

An Unforeseen Trap

Many people are using social media automation tools to stay connected with their clients. Though this is an effective move, you should ensure that your efforts don’t go into vain by depending too much on AI. A few reasons why social media automation can be bad for business are:

  • No Human Touch

When you simply update people on relevant news like HR Industry News but don’t rely on their comments then it might make them less valuable than they really are.

  • No Tracking

Though automated tools can track social media updates results better, they can’t really detect everything. For instance, a human social media manager would know not to add more posts if the earlier ones haven’t got good feedback but a machine might not have that much sense.

  • Exchange of Likes/Followers

Those of you who think exchanging likes or the following option is a good strategy should know that a brand must always have more followers than it follows. Otherwise, people will know that the popularity of your HR Outsourcing Company in Delhi is fake.

  • Repetition

If you purchase a tool that posts the same thing on every social media platform then you would be serving the same food to the clients via different sources. It may make them detest your HR services and make them switch to a competitor.


In essence, it can be said that though social media is quite effective in showcasing HR service providers to an HR community, you should try to serve something fresh to the customers to keep them hooked. You also need to beware of the side effects of automating the social media promotion of your HR services because it may do more harm than good if a human isn’t in the control seat.


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